Part II of RIPA and RIP(S)A


The Acts define that a person is a covert human intelligence source (CHIS) if:

  • ¬†They establish or maintain a personal or other relationship with a person for the covert purpose of facilitating the doing of anything falling within the next two bullet points:
    • they covertly use such a relationship to obtain information or to provide access to any information to another person, or
    • they covertly disclose information obtained by the use of such a relationship, or as a consequence of the existence of such a relationship


If a CHIS is authorised, the Acts and associated Codes of Practice contain guidance for the Authorising Officer as to the management of that person by officers designated for the purpose under Sections 29(5)(a)&(b) of RIPA and Sections 7(6)(a)&(b) of RIP(S)A. Statutory Instrument 2000/2725 and Scottish Statutory Instrument 2002/205 contain details of the various records that must be maintained.