The Office of Surveillance Commissioners does not provide legal advice, nor will we comment on individual cases or provide details beyond that which is published in the Chief Surveillance Commissioner’s Annual Report.


If you believe that you have unfairly been the subject of covert surveillance you should follow the complaints procedure published by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.


If you work in a public authority, your first point of contact for advice is your local RIPA/RIP(S)A/RIPO advisor. Your internal website or RIPA/RIP(S)A/RIPO policy document should contain their contact details. Your RIPA/RIP(S)A/RIPO advisor will know how to contact the Office of Surveillance Commissioners directly should this become necessary.


If you have a specific enquiry for the Office of Surveillance Commissioners, then we can be contacted as below:



OSC, PO Box 29105, London, SW1V 1ZU