The Surveillance Commissioners

The six Ordinary Surveillance Commissioners have responsibilities under relevant legislation to do the following:

  • ¬†Grant prior approval for authorisations and renewals of:
    • intrusive surveillance
    • property interference where it involves a hotel bedroom, a dwelling, or office premises, or where it might involve the acquisition of matters subject to legal privilege, confidential personal information or journalistic material
    • for any CHIS whose activities will result in the CHIS obtaining, providing access to or disclosing matters subject to legal privilege
  • Note all other property interference authorisations, renewals and cancellations
  • Assist the Chief Surveillance Commissioner in his oversight of notifications of disclosure requirement notices served in respect of protected electronic information (encryption)
  • Assist the Chief Surveillance Commissioner in his duty to keep under review the use of directed surveillance and CHIS by law enforcement agencies

The Chief Surveillance Commissioner and the Ordinary Surveillance Commissioners also undertake visits to all law enforcement agencies and some other public authorities, soon after their inspection, to discuss the findings and action taken following any recommendations. Usually on such visits the Commissioner will see, among others, the Chief Constable of a police force.