Part II of RIPA and RIP(S)A


These Acts define as intrusive surveillance that which is:

  • ¬†Carried out in relation to anything taking place:
    • in any residential premises (including hotel bedrooms, prison cells and rented accommodation)
    • in any private vehicle (including hire or company cars, boats or caravans)
    • on premises where legal consultations are taking place, and
    • involves the presence of an individual on the premises or in the vehicle or is carried out by means of a surveillance device

 Intrusive surveillance:

  • Must be granted the prior approval of a Surveillance Commissioner (unless it is urgent)
  • Can only be authorised by senior officers in designated law enforcement and other agencies
  • Can only be used for the detection of serious crime and must be considered a necessary and proportionate tactic by the Authorising Officer¬†
  • Will be valid for three months and may be renewed
  • If granted urgently, will be valid for 72 hours and must be renewed if the surveillance is to continue